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12mL Commute Size (TSA Approved), Convenient, Easy Storage and Concealment (with velvet pouch); Sometimes called Musc Al Tahara or Misk Tahara (May also be applied to Skin & Clothing, Musc Al Tahara Attar is Fabric Friendly).
Begins delicately floral with violets and lilies accompanied by vanilla, which is reasonably in the background. White lotus blossoms, white musk and honey form the heart and base note. Musc Tahara is more than just a perfume; it’s an experience. Its creamy, lotion consistency indulges the skin with each use, making it a lot more luxurious than a conventional perfume spray. The powdery white musk fragrance could also be more potent than conventional perfumes, as it’s never diluted with water and alcohol.
HYPOALLERGENIC: 100% Pure Fragrance Oil (Alcohol Free). Traditional and Hand-made as a part of the Maison d’Orient Artisan Perfumes Collection in Attar/Ittar Style; The raw chemistry of our perfume oil pheromone works with all skin types.
LONGEVITY: Solid perfume longevity; set to last you all day and all night long. True unisex fragrance, some of the few perfumes things for couples to be had on prime. A chocolates like aphrodisiac scent that acts with the pure romance of natural pheromones.
BARND: Maison d’Orient, is a brand leader in the oil perfumery industry with a philosophy to curate and deliver amazing fragrances and perfumes that possesses sublime self-confidence and grace. Our oil, lotion, deodorant and gels are all made with pure ingredients and not tested on animals (Vegan and Cruelty-Free).


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