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The opening of dark, juicy plum is complemented by the sheer beauty of orange flowers and nuances of green floral notes. Musky blackcurrants melt seamlessly into a bouquet of flowers, with soft ylang ylang notes surrendering to roses and creamy jasmine. Cherished oud spreads its beams like sun rays, fusing with amber to bring its unique richness to the fore. Niche perfumery is a mind-set. Its perfumes circumvent the laws imposed by marketing and fall outdoor of the traditional commercial channels. Artisan fragrances don’t seem to be developed based on a marketing study conducted by commercial brands, but originate from the imagination and artistic sensibility of a perfumer. Enjoy our wonderfully unique, luxury personal fragrances, made with only the very best quality ingredients. At Swiss Arabian, our expertise and passion, our knowledge of legendary Arabian perfumery, oriental craftsmanship and recent elegance, all come together to create fragrances that capture your imagination and celebrate your true essence. The history of Swiss Arabian is an enchanting tale that spans over 40 years. This pioneer in Arabian perfumes was once founded in the year 1974 by a visionary with a wealth of knowledge and a deep passion for perfumery. Today, Swiss Arabian is the first perfume manufacturer in the UAE. We operate five modern manufacturing facilities spread across an area of 165,000 sq. ft., producing more than 35 million perfumes once a year and export to over 80 countries.

LAYALI: YOUR NEW SIGNATURE SCENT. Opens with finest notes of Black Currant and uplifting Orange Flower. The beating heart of the fragrance consists of Ylang Ylang and Rose. Oud and Amber add depth to the aroma and inspire attention.
INTENSELY CONCENTRATED PERSONAL AROMAS. A more traditional approach to perfumery from the Middle East. Experience our exquisite and exclusive range of handmade perfume oils in traditional attar style. For an intense and long lasting aroma projection.
PURE QUALITY, ALCOHOL FREE FORMULATION. Perfect for sensitive skin types, our alcohol-free perfume oils are hypoallergenic and may not irritate skin. These all natural, hand crafted oils are secure for all and feature expertly curated fragrance notes.
THE PERFECT MIX OF CULTURES AND PERFUMES. Carrying a legacy rooted in a blend of Western & Oriental craftsmanship, Swiss Arabian is a brand founded on duality that proudly celebrates the space in which two seemingly opposite worlds come together.
AN AROMATIC EXPERIENCE FROM ACROSS THE SEAS. Born from precious beginnings and built on achievements aplenty, our exquisite creations will lead you on an aromatic journey of the senses that culminates in an impeccable moment that enchants without end.


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