H HABIBI Deluxe Sample Collection Discovery

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WHAT IS IT? – The ultimate fragrance experience, sample our entire range of 18 Fragrances and indulge in a luxury fragrance journey unlike any you’ve experienced before. Featuring all 3 of our Discovery Sample sets, each containing 6 spray 2ml vials.
WHO IS THIS FOR? – EVERYONE! Whether you are in search of an everyday fragrance to wear to work, casual day out or a special occasion fragrance, this sample collection of 18 fragrances will surely permit you to find your signature scents. Each 2ml sample contains various concentrated fragrance so you’ll try multiple times before deciding on your favorites!
WHY DO I NEED THIS? – To smell amazing, different, expensive, and delicious. As a part of our human nature, we are all the time seeking new and unique experiences in our lives through our different senses.
IS IT WORTH IT? – Simply, YES! With the HABIBI deluxe discovery sets, you are certainly getting value for money. Premium oils, high oil strength Parfums, master perfumery, luxury packaging and top-notch customer service.
OUR MISSION – To offers you a first-class experience that takes you through world go back and forth to exotic and rare destinations via your sense of smell. Notes from everywhere in the world are blended with perfection to create complex, authentic and undeniably superb scents.
LONG-LASTING AROMA: Our fragrances boast an impressive shelf life of 24+ months after opening and first use. Enjoy its delightful scent for future years, as it doesn’t expire until at least 2 years after the first spritz


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