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🌸 CLEAN FRAGRANCE FROM SOUTHERN FRANCE PROVINCES – Bouquet Garni’s Clean fragrance is fresh and pleasant scent blended with powder fragrance. Aroma Therapy in Southern France Provinces promises your daily life to be filled with joy by its plentiful fragrances.
🌸 LONG-LASTING FRAGRANCE BY OUR UNIQUE TECHNOLOGIES – The body mist can be utilized as a replacement of perfume by our long-lasting rich fragrance based on our own unique fragrance decanting engineering method. We are proud of our deep and graceful fragrances from the technology, enrich your on a daily basis.
🌸 DEEP MOISTURE AFTER CLEANSING – Through Tocopherylacetate which is also known as ‘Vitamin E’, can hold water in the skin and give protection to the skin’s moisture barriers. They minimize moisture loss after cleansing subsequently take care of moisturized skin all day long.
🌸 RESTORE NATURAL SKIN BY DEAD SKIN CELLS CARE – The body mist contains Citric Acid derived from fruits, perfectly smoothers skin texture by melting dead skin cells and skin impurities. It also cares over the top sebum, leaving the skin feeling healthier and secure.
🌸 100% SAFE INGREDIENTS – Protected products verified as low-irritation through rigorous human tests and certified CGMP by cosmetics manufacturing certification. All fragrances contained in the products certified IFRA, ensuring that the products can also be safely used by everyone without harmful elements.


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